Wireless Speedy Phone Charger
Wireless Speedy Phone Charger
Wireless Speedy Phone Charger
Wireless Speedy Phone Charger

Wireless Speedy Phone Charger

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About the QI wireless charging Working Principle

The QI Wireless charging device is divided into two parts. One is the QI wireless charging transmitter, one is the QI wireless charging receiver. They can't be separated from each other. If your phone has a built-in QI wireless charging receiver, you just need to buy a QI wireless charging transmitter. If your phone has no built-in QI wireless charging receiver, then you also need to buy an external QI wireless charging receiver, so that your mobile phone can achieve QI wireless charging.

Pay Attention

  • The Fast Wireless Charger Software has been Upgraded, Supports Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ for fast Wireless Charging.

  •  If your phone does not have fast wireless charging technology, you can only charge at regular(5W) wireless charging speed, but 2-Coils wireless chargers are better than single-coil wireless chargers in terms of stability, speed, and conversion efficiency.

  • If your phone does not support wireless charging, such as iPhone series phone, please purchase the corresponding charging interface, external wireless charging receiver.

  • The Wireless Charging Receiver Using TI (Texas Instruments)-Chip, TI-Chip ensures charge stability & better temperature control, as you known, the cost of TI-Chip is far higher than Others Chip.

  • Some customers told us charging is very slow or unnormal. That is because they use low current wall chargers and adaptors. Please use 5V 2A or 9V 1.67A chargers or adaptors to connect the wireless charging pad.

  • Under the existing technical conditions, heating is a normal phenomenon when the charger is charging. No wireless charging can completely avoid the heating of the coil. All the products are tested strictly. Please use them without worry

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