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Wheel Edge Rim Protector (26FT)

Wheel Edge Rim Protector (26FT)

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The Wheel Edge Rim Protectors are the best protection you can install on your rims. You can save money from wheel rim damages.

Mount the protection it needs, to anticipate those inevitable scratches, especially from those unexpected curbs. Scrapes are expected which is why it’s a smart move for even the most careful driver.


  • It is suitable for all vehicles. This flashy sticker saves the edges of your hub and lasting colors don’t fade easily.
  • Easy to install it by yourself. You can protect and decorate your wheel’s rim with exciting colored stickers.
  • This 8m long strip can be easily pasted 5 rounds around the wheel’s rim.
  • This alloy rim sticker is soft and flexible that can be easily installed.


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