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Waterproof Bicycle Headlight

Waterproof Bicycle Headlight

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This Waterproof Bicycle Headlight is a perfect choice for outdoor activities like cycling, camping, traveling, hiking, etc. This can be fixed on the bicycle with the rubber ring, working as a bicycle lamp.


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  1. Bicycle and outdoor climbing enthusiasts top equipment, fever, it is recommended to buy! !
  2. Using a US CREE XML T6 LED, color temperature 5000K, the maximum luminous flux of 1200 lumens, I believe many people used the CREE Q5 flashlight, but this T6 bike lights can top 5 CREE Q5 output (but intuitively feel No more than 5 times as much as he is astigmatic), specially designed for biking and outdoor mountaineering enthusiasts.
  3. Third gear design: high/ low/storm flash, highlighted 1200 lumens holding time 4 hours, low 300 lumens hours.
  4. Power supply: 4 18650 battery pack, design, capacity 400mAh (many businesses labeled 4400/6800mA are actually advertising gimmicks, the actual capacity is about 4mA), providing a strong power supply backing, highlight 1200 lumens, can hold the air 3-4 hours.
  5. The charger: high current charger, temperature protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection, charge the battery automatically stops charging and the indicator light green,
  6. The parameters are as follows: Input: 100 ~ 240v AC 50 / 60Hz; Output: V DC / 1.0A,
  7. The circuit: constant voltage circuit, IC 3 file dimming
  8. The connection lines are used 3.5mm diameter, very durable, the connection interface is very strong.
  9. Press the switch: 3 on 1 off, the order is: Highlight --- "low ---" flash --- "off (open always open in the highest brightness file)
  10. Connected to the power on the green, easy to identify the location of the switch at night.
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