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Water Glow LED Temperature Change Faucet

Water Glow LED Temperature Change Faucet

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This sensitive faucet light will change colors according to the temperature of water!


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  • 100% Brand New & Factory Sealed
  • High Quality Guaranteed
  • Compact Design
  • Durable
  • Super Easy to Use!
  • Faucet emits a range of 3 colors via the power of the water flow!
  • Water flashes Red when temperature is above 51°C
  • Water glows Red when water is Hot (temperature is 44Deg.C- 50Deg.C)
  • Water glows Green when water is Warm (temperature is 32Deg.C- 43Deg.C)
  • Water glows Blue when water is Cold (temperature below 31Deg.C)
  • No batteries and external power supply, it will illuminate after water flows down
  • Offers you a delightful ambient experience in your kitchen or bathroom
  • Transforms the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light!

    How To Use:

    1. Take off the net from tap screw thread.

    2. Install LED faucet light screw thread.

    3. Enjoy :)

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