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Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

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A mouse or mice is one of the main peripheral device or main auxiliary device used for computers. Prolonged use of such device can cause pain or spasms in the wrists, hands or fingers. However, Ergonomic Vertical Mouse is something new for those who are using a common type computer peripheral devices.

An ergonomic mouse is a kind of computer mouse (or mice) that is designed for user comfort and work efficiency. Although some models are somewhat bulky than others, these devices are supposed to help you prevent or minimize pain.

The vertical ergonomic mouse designed to support your wrist and hand while using it. Additionally, it is said to position your wrist into a natural body posture. Your wrist’s skeletal and muscle structure will be aligned in a natural straight position and not twisted or pivoted.

Just as what a common type of computer mouse does to your wrists and hands. Which require your palms to face down instead of a natural body posture of sideways, palms facing inwards.


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  • With RGB LED backlight, colorful and beautiful
  • Special ergonomic design gives you marvelous experience while gaming.
  • Wrist support to give you an amazing feeling in games.
  • The wrist support is removable, easy and convenient to use.
  • Skid resistant and sweat resistant
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