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Vacuum Pressured Auto Glass Repair Kits

Vacuum Pressured Auto Glass Repair Kits

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Matters Needing Attention:

  1. In the case of glass wounds, first apply transparent glue to prevent the dust from entering the rain glass. Then buy a glass repair kit right away so you can get better results ! the quicker the cleanup of the wound before repair, the better then repairing effect !
  2. Do not repair understand the sun (Preferably in garages, indoors, etc. where no sun shines, and then move to the sun for curing. Many repairs fail because of repairs in the shade, or just in certain buildings. Repaired under the shadow, the resin has not completely cracked and it has already cured, so it fails.)
  3. Do not repair after car wash.
  4. Do not repair on rainy days and evenings.
  5. The glue is liquid and non-colloidal.

Package in the box:
1 set Vacuum Pressured Auto Glass Repair Kits

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