V-Line Lift Up Belt
V-Line Lift Up Belt
V-Line Lift Up Belt
V-Line Lift Up Belt
V-Line Lift Up Belt
V-Line Lift Up Belt

V-Line Lift Up Belt

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With this V-LINE LIFT UP BELT, we can say "NO" to Double Chin problem!!!


Our V-Line Lift Up Belt is perfect for face slimming. This belt principle is physically thin face contour through confrontation with the gravity. In fact, the slimming straps helps to tighten our face by loosen our muscle cells.  

It was well designed from high-quality material. It was made by high elastic fiber which can easily fit in face shape. Beside that, it is comfortable and convenient to wear. The fabric used is soft, skin-friendly and breathable. The straps consist of 3-layer material which accelerate face circulation and give balanced pressure to face. The fact that it even can smooth out our wrinkles.

The belt strap has no irritating smell or any bad skin effect. It can be adjust base on the slimming size. This belt is suitable for female or male but mostly used for female purpose. Even if we are busy with works, this belt can helps to achieve perfect face beauty. Do not waste time and money on facial treatment!



  • Perfect for Face Slimming: The belt straps help to tighten face skin. It can also prevent double chin or cheeks sagging.
  • Comfortable & Safe: It was made with high-quality material which have good air permeability and wear resistance. It can be soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Improve Face Shape: The chin straps give force to pull the facial tissue to promote blood circulation and tighten cheek, neck and chin.
  • Reusable & Durable: It can be wear during reading, sleeping, doing housework and etc. Even if it is dirty, it can be wash and clean again. It can be use again by other person after you experience the great result.
  • Helps to Prevent Snoring: The chin strap create a tight force to pull the neck area so that during sleep we will not suffer from breathing. This make the environment quiet during sleep time.

How to use:





  • Item Type: Face Slimming Belt
  • Material: Surface Layer (SPA Layer): Special Nylon Fleece + SPA Fabric
    Middle Layer (Coenzyme Layer): Chloroprene Rubber, Coenzyme R Q Particles.
    Inner Layer (Infrared Layer): Far-Infrared Fiber for Kanebo
  • Size: 630*100 mm 





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