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Under Cabinet Jar Opener

Under Cabinet Jar Opener

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No More Struggling With Tough-to-open Jars! 

Under Cabinet Jar Opener from the smallest nail polish bottle caps to the widest pickle jar lids, it can screw open any size container.
Now you can enjoy food, condiments, drinks, cosmetics, etc. without wrestling with the jar or bottle first.
Simply peel off the adhesive backings at the back of the opener and firmly stick to where it's most convenient for about 1 minute.
Don't forget to position it so that the wider mouth is facing towards you. We recommend placing it under counter tops or kitchen shelves. 

Thanks to its compact design, you won't even know it's there until you need it.
It doesn't take up cabinet or shelf space and is safe for all types of people.

THE ONLY JAR OPENER YOU WILL EVER NEED: Jar Opener makes it effortless to remove any twist-top lid from jars, cans, and bottles with ease. Simply place jar in the stainless steel teeth, press towards center until top is firmly in the grasp of the teeth and turn to the left. It's that easy to save your hands from the pain and frustration of tight lids and tops.
OPENS VIRTUALLY ANY JAR OR TWIST TOP: From small twist tops to large jars or cans the Fante Jar Opener is perfect for anyone looking to easily remove those pesky tops that just won't budge. Remove tops from nail polish, jarred fruits and vegetables, twist off bottles, and more. Virtually any container with a twist top can be opened with ease. No more painful frustration or forced spills

IDEAL FOR ELDERLY OR CHILDREN: Perfect for men and women suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or joint pain who find opening jars a daily nuisance. Safe enough for children to use easily and effectively. Take back your freedom in the kitchen and stop straining your arms and hands Today!
EASY TO INSTALL: To install simply peel adhesive from back of the jar opener and firmly place disk in desired space. Remember to place the wide mouth portion of the teeth facing directly towards you when you attach the opener. Ideal for placement under counters or along kitchen shelves. Three Optional screw holes available for added stability.
Type: Openers
Easy Installation
Stocked, Eco-Friendly
Material: ABS + Silicone
Size: 16 x 3 cm
Weight: 100g
Use: Home/Bar
Color: Light Green, Pink & Blue

How To Setup:
1. Wipe the board wall with a clean soft cloth and keep the board wall clean and dry.

2. If the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, please use a hair dryer to increase the board wall temperature and sticker temperature.

3. When tearing off the paper on the sticker, be careful not to touch the stickers.

4. Stick the opener on board wall, press the opener firmly at least 1 minute. Ensure the stickers is fully in contact with the board wall. It's very important. 

5. In order to make the opener more firmly stay on the board, please do not use the opener in 24 hours. 

The board surface must smooth. The best use screw and tape together.

It Is The Best Lid Opener For Your Mom Or Wife When You're Worried About What Gift That You Can Get For Them At A Special Day.

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