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Ultra-fine Zero Stimulation Toothbrush

Ultra-fine Zero Stimulation Toothbrush

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Say goodbye👋🏻 to gum bleeding!

Oral Care For You And Your Family Cannot Be Ignored. Have you encountered the following similar situation? 

  1. Gum bleeding caused by inferior brush odor yellowing of teeth, not clean thoroughly.
  2. Oral problems can't be ignored. Unsuitable toothbrushes can hurt your gums and cause trouble to your life.

A good toothbrush can improve your gums and improve the quality of life for you and your family.

  • ✨ STILL USE REGULAR TOOTHBRUSH? Ultra-fine Zero Stimulation Toothbrush with more than 20,000 bristles, fine and soft, deep oral cleaning, specially designed for sensitive teeth.
  • 80 μm BRUSHING AND DEEPER CLEANING: The slender design of the brush is soft and flexible, which can penetrate the teeth and the sulcus to remove tartar and clean the teeth without damaging the surface protection layer.
  • PERFECT GIFT: When you use Storeigo's Ultra-fine Zero Stimulation Toothbrush and you can really feel its advantages. You can send it to your friends and family as gift, we are sure they will love it.
  • Multi-function and PORTABLE: One-piece molding, fine-tip bristles, high-density uniform, soft rubber teeth, wear-resistant and durable. Tongue-cleaning with comprehensive cleaning function. Also, it is easy to carry when you are in travel or camping.


  • 🦷 TOOTH HEALTH PROTECTION - Gentle care of the teeth
  • 🦷 Extremely small 20,000 bristles - Good fit to the teeth, prevent excessive damage to the heel caused by excessive force
  • 🦷 80 μm - The fine hair contacts can effectively penetrate into the blind area of the teeth gaps. Delicate process,locking and removing oral harmful substances.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Ultra-fine Zero Stimulation Toothbrush, or
  • 2 x Ultra-fine Zero Stimulation Toothbrush (Mix Color)
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