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Ultimate Regenerative Fast Charging Cable (6.56ft/2m)

Ultimate Regenerative Fast Charging Cable (6.56ft/2m)

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Can't keep track of how many cables you've already thrown away because of the ends splitting and the wires becoming exposed that eventually disconnect? 


Time to say goodbye to your vulnerable charging cables and use the Ultimate Regenerative Fast Charging Cable from Storeigo. This one never breaks no matter how many times you cut it! 

  • ⚡ QUICK REPAIR IN 3 EASY STEPS - Skip the need to replace your damaged cables every now and then.This one is can be easily repaired and reused no matter how many times it gets damaged. Just PULL, CUT, and then finally COMBINE! That simple! It's perfect for long term use.
  • ⚡ FAST CHARGING AND DATA SYNCHRONIZATION - This cable offers great performance that ensures charging and transmitting data synchronization simultaneously at fast speed while keeping your device safe. It has a charge speed of 4A that's faster than most standard cables.
  • ⚡ WIDE COMPATIBILITY - We offer different versions that works on all Android, Apple and Type-C devices.
  • ⚡ PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION - It's very lightweight and has a perfect length that's ideal to bring anywhere. Just put it inside your bag or in your car and you're good to go. Suitable for use in the office, at home or in the car while travelling.
  • ⚡ SAFE AND DURABLE - Made of high quality TPU outer layer and Zinc alloy, it's guaranteed sturdy and doesn't easily break. It's thick housing makes it safe to use and resistant to fraying.



  • 📱 Repair cables without damaging the wires
  • 📱 Stylish and durable, guaranteed to last for years
  • 📱 Good for charging and data transfer
  • 📱 Less energy loss while charging
  • 📱 Ultra high speed data transmission
  • 📱 Perfectly suitable for all devices
  • 📱 Smart charging for battery durability
  • 📱 Simultaneously charges and syncs data



  • 🌳 Material: TPU, Zinc Alloy
  • 🌳 Cable Length: 6.56ft / 2m
  • 🌳 Color: Red, Black
  • 🌳 Model: Android, Apple, Type-C

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Ultimate Regenerative Fast Charging Cable

Eliminate the need to change your charger cables every-time it breaks. Get yourself this Ultimate Regenerative Fast Charging Cable from Storeigo. It's the only cable you'll ever need!

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