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Traction Wires (5 Pcs/Set OR 10 Pcs/Set)

Traction Wires (5 Pcs/Set OR 10 Pcs/Set)

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These Traction Wires For Your Car Give You Extreme Traction & Stability!

We all know how difficult it can be when snow hits the road. A lot of people stay indoors, fearing their vehicle will get stuck and they won't be able to move it.

Bad road conditions can cause chaos and accidents, however, this can all be avoided.

With these stable traction wires for your tires, you are given a lifeline and can easily drive in bad weather, or snow, without the worry of going off-road or getting your vehicle stuck.

The zip ties are designed in such a way that they have studs on them, which give your vehicle the traction required to avoid getting stuck on the road.

They lock your tires quickly. These wires come with 5,10 Pcs, and we recommend using 5 Pcs for each wheel. Although this depends on your tire size.

These are your answer to traction stability and give you a huge lifeline in bad weather conditions. Worry no more about your tires locking up and getting stranded.

The tire wires do the perfect job in aiding you to stop this from happening. We absolutely guarantee it!


Must-have for emergency situations when your car is stuck and stranded on any type of terrain and conditions

Innovative design provides super traction for your slipping tires to get unstuck from mud, sand or snow

It can play a role, also has an irreplaceable role in skiing, cross country, field exploration, mountain driving other vehicles driving situations.

Light weight, will not damage tires

High quality, can be reused

Superior nylon 66 ensures the excellent durability

It is good for emergency use


Size: Width12mm Length 950mm

Quantity: 5 Pcs/Set, 10 Pcs/Set

Color: Orange/Yellow

Material: New Material Nylon 66

Operating temperature: -35 °C to 85 °C

Reusable: 2-5 Times, if didn't unplug can use more than 6 Months

Car Type: Suitable For Any Car

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