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TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers

TotalFX Rogue Lightsabers

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Two coupling swords can be connected to the rear, with sound effects and a variety of light effects. Great for any event as props.


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  • Crafted in the same style and specifications as the original movie props, the TotalFX Lightsabers are equipped with motion and clash sensors and the lightsaber sound effects make you feel like you're holding a real lightsaber! 
  • It literally feels like you're holding the real thing with a bright, glowing blade and realistic laser beam hum. 
  • When you swing your TotalFX Lightsaber around, it makes the actual humming sounds and when the blade of your Lightsaber is impacted, it makes a realistic Lightsaber clashing sound.
  • The Lightsaber uses realistic sound FX when you turn it on or when you strike something!
  • Watch the Lightsaber change colors when you move it swiftly through the air, strike an object, or make contact with another Lightsaber.


  • Material of the products: PVC
  • Long version: approx. 73 * 13 * 4.5 cm
  • Retractable version: approx. 50 * 13 * 4.5 cm 
  • attention: Luminous Sword needs 3 AAA batteries (Not included)
  • (2x) LED light bar
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