6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks
6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks
6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks
6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks
6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks
6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks
6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks
6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks
6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks

6 PCS Super Sticky Wall Hooks

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Why Do People Like This Powerful Adhesive Super Sticky Wall Hooks? 

Get the TRENDY and NEW hook that is super sticky and has a swivel hook that allows you to hang your things when pasted in a horizontal surface.


Note: Pls wipe surface clean before attaching hook

  • Just peel and stick - it's that easy. Won’t damage your walls, no need to nail and drill. Easy to remove and no stains on surface after removal.
  • Nice set of transparent/clear bathroom/kitchen hooks for towels, more stylish than traditional towel hooks. The paste and the gel itself are transparent, won’t undermine the overall sense of the wall.
  • Water/oil resistant, wide applications for example, hook to hold towel, robe, coat, hat, ornaments or even heavy objects up to 3kg! Can be used in laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, cabinet, office and kitchen.


  •  Maximum bearing of wall hooks is 5kg, size is 8cm X 9cm, 6 pack hooks with transparent color make it almost invisible, good decor.
  • The hook can be utilized repeatedly after cleaning and dry; No tools required, just peel off the cover to use and easy to reposition without surface damage.
  • Adhesive hook made of PVC material, can grasp the surface firmly and the waterproof, nail free, oil proof.
  • You can heaten it for about 3-5 seconds before using those wall hooks so that it will be more powerful.
  • As a owner persuing perfect, you must not wish there are holes or stains on your wall. Then the transparent adhesive hooks will be your smart choice.

Product Specifications:

  • Product material: AEBS+PET+ polymer material 

  • Net weight: 7g 
  • packaging size: 15*8.4*4.2cm 
  • weight: 0.08kg

Package Includes:

  • 6pcs x Wall Hooks

How To Use:

  • Clean the surface from oil/dust/water. Do keep dry before pasting the hook on.
  • Peel off the cover starting from the bulge.
  • Press the base of the hook to contact surface from middle to the edges. Make sure the base of the hook contact with the wall totally.
  • Wait for 24 hours before attaching anything to these hooks.

Product Disassembly Movement:

  • Gently uncover the edge of the hook film.
  • Slowly and vertically peel off the hook film.
  • Do not pull the hook directly to disassemble it to avoid hook creases.
  • After peeling off, follow the installation instructions (above): you can use it again.
  • When the hook is not used for a long time, please attach the film with a protective film and store it for reuse next time.


  • When there is water, oil or wax on the wall, please wipe it clean and install it. 
  • If the dust is not sticky, please wash off the dust on the film with water and blow dry or dry with a hair dryer. There must be no water. After cleaning, the original viscosity can be restored.
  • Do not install on surfaces with temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Be careful not to pull down when disassembling to avoid creases.

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