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Strong Adhesive Sealing Glue

Strong Adhesive Sealing Glue

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High Load Bearing Adhesive - No More Nails! No Wall Damages!

This Strong Adhesive Sealing Glue is a superior glue that is well known for it's incredible, industrial holding power and versatility. 
This Sealing Glue is belonging to the new one-component adhesive transparent solution, room temperature curing.
It is easy to operate without re-packing, both openings can be used. It is high elasticity, soft film, anti-vibration and waterproof. This is a powerful strong glue can fix for stationery, glass, jewelry, crystal etc.
EASY TO USE - Simply add to anything (bath/shower seal, kitchen worktop edge seal, surfaces) for amazing sparkle finish, 
COLOUR - Will not leak any glitter color 
MS POLYMER - Containing the most superior MS Polymer on the market, we provide compatibility and versatility to virtually any substrate, promising next-generation technology and exceptional decorative finishes. 
TRIED & TESTED In all kinds of environments and spaces, with amazing unparalleled results!
Can support up to 100 kg weight 
No Nail Era. Without formaldehyde, health & environmental protection 
It takes 12-24 hours to dry the nailless glue and it can be waterproof after curing. 
For glass products, wood products, ceramic tiles, metal, mirrors, etc. 
Traceless dismantling and protecting the wall.
Six Advantages:
More Sticky
No Nails More Secure
High Strength
Quick-Drying Glue
Free Noise
Environmentally Friendly & Harmless
To Apply The Glue:
Remove the sealing foil by penetrating using the other end of the cap.
Clean and apply Sealant Fix on any surfaces.
IMPORTANT: Do not apply on plastic, silicone,rubber/latex or suction cup.
Stick on the desired surface, make sure the surface is clean and free of dust.
Rest the glue for at least 12 hours and it is ready to go!
Frosted Glass, Marble, Lacquer Wood ,Smooth Metal Plate, Ceramic Tile,Mosaics.
Best Couple use With Invisible Wall Mount.
Material: Glue
Capacity: 12ML/1pc, 6g,
Quantity: 1 PC/5PCS

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