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Smart Touch - Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Smart Touch - Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Phone Model

Smart Touch Screen Protector with Back & Confirm Button

With an invisible back button & confirm button near the bottom of your iPhone, it helps you operate your device elegantly and conveniently with a single hand.

Easy Operation

With big screen iPhone, we fall in trouble when using the back button on left upper corner.


We add an invisible circuit layer to traditional screen protector.
It helps to lead current when you press lower left & right corner of the screen, so that the back button & confirm button works.


Smart back button. Smooth feel.
Ultra-thin. Impact-proof.
9H hardness. Anti-fingerprint.


0.21mm tempered glass

Smooth feel. 3D touch Compatible.

Material feels like, or even smoother than your screen.
It keeps the same sensitivity as original, and works perfectly with 3D touch.
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