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Sling Soft Baby Wrap Carrier 0-3 Yrs

Sling Soft Baby Wrap Carrier 0-3 Yrs

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The obvious benefit of baby wearing is convenience. If baby is in a carrier you can accomplish daily chores while knowing a baby is safe and happy. Also, wearing a baby can allow you to go places strollers can’t ( hiking, stairs, etc.).


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But the benefits go way beyond this:

  • Babywearing supports breastfeeding. When a baby is held close mom can recognize early signs of hunger more easily and can begin to nurse (right in the carrier sometimes) without baby needing to cry. This awareness of baby’s needs makes for more confident parents and a closer bond as well.
  • Carried babies cry less.  According to one study infants who received supplemental carrying (not only in reaction to fussiness) cried and fussed 43% less overall, and 51% less during the evening hours. (1).
  • May help avoid spinal and cranial deformities. Babies who spend a significant amount of time in car seats and baby swings or other equipment can develop squaring of the cranium or spinal deformities. Properly carrying baby allows for natural development of cranium, spine and postural muscles. (2)
  • Babies who are held close are more able to regulate their own physiological functions (breathing, heart rate, temperature) in response to their caregiver. (3)


  • Carriers Type: Front Facing, Face-to-Face, Horizontal, Front Carry
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Material: Cotton, Spandex
  • Material: 95% cotton+5% spandex
  • Color: as picture shows
  • Size: length is about 5.2 meters, width is about 0.54 meters
  • Type: Baby Sling
  • Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Function: Baby Carrier
  • Feature: Breathable
  • Age Group: Infants & Toddlers
  • Pack: 1pcs/opp bag
  • Certificate: CE Certificate
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