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Silicone Heat Resistant Pot Rest

Silicone Heat Resistant Pot Rest

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Use Silicone Heat Resistant Pot Rest as a mat to protect your kitchen surfaces from scalding dishware—or as a pot holder to grip hot pans safely. It also functions as a: large coaster, jar opener and spoon rest!

High quality silicone
The Silicone Heat Resistant Pot Rest are made with high quality silicone. Heat resistant, non-stick, will not stain or form mold/mildew or absorb odors.

Easy to clean
The  are dishwasher-safe. Or it can be wiped down or hand washed. Virtually everything washes off the nonstick surface with ease—even sticky foods and grease

Close to life design
Honeycomb designed silicone hot pads. Prevent water droplets from counter and anti-slip and each mat with a hole for easy hanging

7 inch (18cm) diameter

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