Magic Yoga Mat
Magic Yoga Mat
Magic Yoga Mat
Magic Yoga Mat

Magic Yoga Mat

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The product name speaks for itself! This yoga mat is indeed self-rolling! Designed with technology that of a child's slap-on wristband, the Magic Yoga Mat stays flat when you need it to, and automatically rolls up when you're done!


  • Stays flat when needed! And works like a charm when you meditate, exercise, or dance.
  • It is designed for both convenience and performance, with material and texture that offers superior grip and a thickness that balances your need for both comfort and stability.
  • Closed cell construction seals mat from moisture, bacteria, and odor.
  • The custom-designed anti-slip surface pattern helps your grip even when the mat is wet.


  • Thickness: 8 mm
  • Material: LDPE
  • Colors: Blue and Pink

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