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Seat Belt Extension

Seat Belt Extension

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You don't feel comfortable wearing a seat belt during your ride? Seat Belt Extension can help you!

This seat belt extension can change position of the seatbelt which is gonna reduce the uncomfortable feelings and the pressure from your neck.


  1. Fits 95% of all existing seatbelts
  2. This Universal seatbelt extension fits nearly all types of buckles and receivers
  3. This seat belt extension is designed to connect to your existing seatbelt
  4. Increases the size and improves comfort of your existing seat belt
  5. Perfect for safety and comfort, and ideal for use with baby and infant seats
  6. Ideal for use with fat people, pregnant women, fire fighters and service men with bulky equipment belts, those with limited mobility and range of motion

Package includes:
1x Seat Belt Extension

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