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Sand Blaster Gun

Sand Blaster Gun

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The Ultimate Sandblaster You Need For Any DIY & Workshop Activities!

This sand blaster gun unique gravity feed design is unsurpassed in performance, quality, and sand flow consistency.

Rust, scale and corrosion are tough to fully remove.

Blasting high-speed media particles at the work piece is the best way to get into all the small niches in the metal to ensure complete removal.

Speed Blaster’s gravity fed, safety vented reservoir tank eliminates tubes or siphon hoses that can easily clog.


GRAVITY FEED SAND BLASTER - Unique gravity feed design forces the particles into a replaceable hardened steel mixing chamber & passes through a ceramic nozzle.

A POWERFUL BLAST - Operating pressure 70-150 PSI; Operating pressure maximum 150 PSI.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Complete with a one piece handle, safety vented tank, alumina ceramic nozzle, and adjustable material control valve that meters sand flow precisely.

EASY TO USE - Perfect for all your small to medium size sand blasting jobs!

AMERICAN MADE - Made in America.


Air Consumption: 7.0 scfm,, 198 l/min 

No-Load Speed: 6000 RPM 

Air Inlet: 20 mesh, 1/4" 

Abrasive size: 46- 100 

Nozzle Size: 2-15 / 16 "L * 7/32" DIA 

Spray Hole Diameter: 2.6mm 

Product Weight: 600g 

Package Weight: 620g 

Product Size: 30.8*26.2*5 

Packing Size: 32*27*6

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