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Salad Fruit Chop Scissor

Salad Fruit Chop Scissor

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A MUST HAVE For Any Salad Lover!

The Salad Fruit Chop Scissor makes fresh chopped salad, salsa and more right in any bowl. Simple, safe and easy-to-use
The Salad Fruit Chop Scissor have sharp, micro-serrated, stainless steel blades that effectively chop up salad ingredients on the spot.
The rounded blades won't damage your bowl, and when closed provide a wide surface for tossing.
Locking tab keeps blades closed for safe storage.

Easily chops fruit and vegetables right in the bowl.
Easy manual operation gives you complete control over the size of each slice.
Stainless steel blade with micro-serrated edge.
Soft rubber handles are comfortable and safe.
Soft handle lock for safe storage.
Never needs sharpening.
Dishwasher safe.
Material: PP + TPR
Stainless Steel
Not easy to injury
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