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Reusable Hand Warmer (Click Heat)

Reusable Hand Warmer (Click Heat)

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Feeling the cold? Instant heat pads and hand warmers are a great way to keep warm when camping, fishing, hiking, playing golf, or other activities. 

The Reusable Hand Warmer (Click Heat) is probably the lowest cost source of heat long term. The hand warmers shown above are reusable time and again.


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  • Instant, portable and reusable heating gel pads (pair, magical hand warmers, packaging, and color may vary) by Heat in a click
  • Easy to use - Simply flex the small metal disc inside each one of our heating pads to kick-start a magical molecular reaction, causing crystallization (from liquid to Crystal form) begins. The energy released from this reaction creates an instant and stable 130F (52C) degrees heat.
  • Instant heat - Pads are only a click away of providing the therapy heat.
  • Portable - The heat is instant and easy to produce anytime and anywhere, with no need for electricity or heating devices. This product is relatively light, durable and portable.
  • Fun - Pads grant a pleasant and therapeutic massage and are perfect as "I love you" gifts.
  • Reusable - Reusable Hand Warmer (Click Heat)'s therapy heating pads can be used repeatedly, over and over again, hundreds of times. A simple process of boiling in water is needed to bring our pads ready to be used.


  • Material: 40 silk green PVC
  • Ingredients: Sodium acetate, iron tablets
  • Size: 9 * 8cm
  • Weight: 75g
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