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Portable Screen Cleaner

Portable Screen Cleaner

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Stopping yourself from touching your face or mouth is one thing, but have you thought about the number of times in a day you let your cell phone touch your face?

Don't worry, with Portable Screen Cleaner you will be able to get rid of dirt and bacteria from your screen in just a few seconds. Our product is portable and lightweight, which allows you to take it with you wherever you go. With a whiff or two your device will be free from germs and bacteria, fingerprints and dead skin cells. Keep yourself safe when you leave your home. Spray & Wipe On The Go!


✔️ CONVENIENT & PRACTICAL: Get rid of the germs in your phone in seconds.

✔️ 2 IN 1It is a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth.

✔️ REUSABLEInnovative design that allows you to refill with ease.

✔️ PORTABLE: Designed to fit in the pockets, easy to carry wherever you go.

✔️ HARMLESS: Our formula is free from all kinds of harmful ammonia or chemicals.



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