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Pokémon Pikachu Coin Bank
Pokémon Pikachu Coin Bank
Pokémon Pikachu Coin Bank

Pokémon Pikachu Coin Bank

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Pikachu Keeps Your Money Safe In New Piggy Bank!

Next time your Meowth is using his signature move, get your Pokémon Pikachu Coin Bank ready so you can pick up the coins at the end of the battle!

Just place a coin on the yellow space on the top of the box, press down, and Pikachu will reach out to grab your coin, talking and laughing all the while. Or he might not, little trickster. 

Pikachu says up to 200 different phrases and sounds, which you can turn off with a convenient switch on the bottom if it all gets to be a bit too much.

Sometimes when pets or little kids get a hold of banks it can get a little crazy!

And you can easily empty the bank using a little coin release door on the base.

No matter what, Pikachu's happy to help keep the contents of this bank secure and safe from Team Rocket.


This is a perfect gift for the kids to save pocket money and can teach them the importance of saving money

Pikachu make you so eager to save up, it will take all of your coins away! They move so realistic, you can watch it take your coins away over and over. After put the coin and press the position, it will appear and hold for a while and then steal the coins and disappear!!!

Pikachu turns into your personal coin bank! Perfect novelty piggy bank for home and office desks.

How To Use:

1. Confirm the coin outlet is closed.

2. Turn the bottom power switch to ON position.

3. Put a coin on correct position and gently press the coin,starting the program.

4. After about one second,start up procedure began to work.

5. The Pikachu rises head to jack up the box cover and its hand will take the coin into the box 


Fashionable design and high quality

Made of plastic and electronics

Cute pickchu style, very funny

Use 2*AA Batteries (Batteries are not included)

A perfect gift for your children, friends or family

Ages: 5+

WARNING - SMALL PARTS - Not intended for children under 3 years of age

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