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Pet Shower Massager Brush

Pet Shower Massager Brush

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Shower your pet and massage them at the same time! This Brush managed to combine 2-in-1 function for your pet. You can groom your pet with spa experienced every time when you shower them. Your pet will appreciate your treat with this brush. It's easy to use and install for your pets. 


  • ✔️THE PERFECT DESIGN- Adjustable strap which fits any size of users hand. Innovative design and the shower sprayer is flexible for you to adjust at your palm while control your dog with the densest of fur.
  • ✔️INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ADAPTERS INCLUDED (IMPROVED)- The outdoor hose adapter can use it during summer time to give your pet a relaxing cool-off. Indoor shower and faucet adapters included too!
  • ✔️REDUCE TIME- This brush can speed up your time to shower your dog and reduces spraying water. It managed to let your dog to enjoy the spa moment.

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