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Pedi Paws Pet Nail Trimmer

Pedi Paws Pet Nail Trimmer

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#1 Vet Recommended!


  • PediPaws revolutionary nail trimmer for dogs & cats
  • Easily & safely files your Pet's nails to leave them trim, rounded and smooth
  • With precision emery filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail 
  • Trims the nails painlessly rather than traditional nail clippers
  • Makes your furniture, upholstery and skin safe from scratches
  • Unique protective cap self-contains the very filings so there's no mess! 
  • Start treating your pet like one of the family
  • You and your pet will love PediPaws
  • Comes with 3 extra emery heads for interchange
  • Has on/off switch


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Won't Crack, Splinter, or Break Nails!

The Pedi Paws Pet Nail Trimmer is a state of the art nail trimmer for your dog or cat that quickly trims, rounds and smoothes nails with no mess and most importantly, no pain to your beloved pet! A precision  filing wheel gently grinds down thin layers of nail, while a uniquely designed protective cap allows only the perfect amount of nail to be removed, while catching all the filings so there's no mess to clean up after! Your pets will thank you for using the Pedi Paws Pet Nail Trimmer!


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