One Finger Safety Cutter
One Finger Safety Cutter
One Finger Safety Cutter
One Finger Safety Cutter
One Finger Safety Cutter

One Finger Safety Cutter

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One Finger Safety Cutter makes cutting open packets and parcels, slicing tape and wrapping paper quicker and easier than ever! It's is a small and versatile tool that can be worn on the fingertip like a thimble, and uses a small but safe blade to cut thin paper and plastic items.

Its compact and portable size makes it ideal to have around the house or on the move. It's a great tool to keep handy!


It Can Be Used Many Different Ways

  • Open plastic packets of food in the kitchen.
  • Open shrink wrapped, cellophane wrapped and other plastic packed items from around the house.
  • Cut out vouchers and news clippings.
  • Open envelopes.
  • Cut open parcels.
  • Cut sticky tape and wrapping paper.


  1. Place on your fingertip with Nimble's head pointing down.
  2. Hold item to be cut in your other hand or rest it on a Nimble Cutting Mat.
  3. Apply pressure and draw a line to make a cut, with your finger at a 45° angle.

You should be able to cut through a few sheets of standard printing paper and most thin plastics, such as those used for packaging in kitchen and home items.

One Finger Safety Cutter is a great alternative to knives and scissors, as it's a much safer option when opening annoying packaging around the home. On thicker, softer skin, the blade is small enough for the skin to bend around the small blade, but on tighter and more frail skin you will likely cause a cat scratch when pressing hard*.

*Disclaimer: We suggest that you do not apply One Finger Safety Cutter directly or indirectly to skin. Although it is safer than most knives and scissors, we wouldn't recommend that you actively try to hurt yourself to test it's safety.

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