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Non-Toxic Baby Hand/Foot Imprint Kit

Non-Toxic Baby Hand/Foot Imprint Kit

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We know how important it is for parents to preserve all the memories of their babies from the moment they are born!

Before, for parents to take the first-ever hand or footprint of their infants they had to deep them into ink. Not only it takes them a lot of time and efforts, but also it's hard to wash it off afterwards.

With our Inkless Ink Pad, you can get rid of all those problems! It only takes seconds for you to capture the print, your baby's feet will stay clean at all times(no direct contact with the ink) and no more messy clean-ups.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Child Safe
  • Multi-Usage
  • Time-Saving


Outside Frame Dimensions: app. 12.5cm x 8cm 
Inside Frame Dimensions: app. 9.5cm x 5.7cm

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