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Multifunctional 8 In 1 Garden Sprayer

Multifunctional 8 In 1 Garden Sprayer

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Spray For Every Job! Combines The Power Of A Pressure Washer With The Convenience Of A Hose In One.

This Garden Sprayer makes cleaning outdoors a lot easier.

The gun nozzle comes with a built-in soap container so you can fill it with your choice of soap and the water sprayer will mix it while it sprays the water out.

The Jet Gun has a 3-flow control switch and 8 modes of spraying.

The modes includes : jet, precision jet. mist, rain, angled fan, vertical fan and soaker. You can also disable the soap option and for your gardening needs.


  • 3-Ways to Control : 3 Flow control switches allows you to adjust the water flow from your hose.
  • 8 Sprayer Settings : Give you the exact clean you desire, such as jet, precision jet, mist, rain, angled fan, horizontal fan, vertical fan, soaker.
  • Universal Hose Head : Easily connects to any garden hose.
  • High Pressure Water Sprayer : Water cannon combines the power of a pressure washer with the convenience of your own hose.
  • Built-in Soap Dispenser : Blast away dirt and grime from patios and driveways, gutters and steps.
  • Application : Wash your car, deck, pet or anything else with one appliance.
  • Suitable For : Great for gutter, siding, decks, fences, pools, patios, walkways, driveways.


  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : Blue
  • Water Pressure :Strong
  • Spraying Distance : Adjustable 
  • Scope Of Application : Garden watering, car washing, pet cleaning
  • Size : 13.5*41.5*5.5cm/5.31*16.34*2.17 in


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