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Multifunction Drain Stopper

Multifunction Drain Stopper

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The Multifunction Drain Stopper is the answer to your sink and bathtub problems! No one wants to experience a blocked up pipe, especially in the shower. This Multifunction Drain Stopper is made from a soft-flexible silicone rubber material, creating a suction when it is placed in the drain. This Plug stops hair and other various things from slipping into the drain that would cause it to get backed up!

  • Keep Hair and other things from going down your drain
  • Made from a soft-flexible silicone to assure longevity 
  • Multiple colorways to match your decor! 


  • 2 in 1 Sink Drain Stoppers and Strainers. It can stop hair and cooking trash going down the drain. It has the good sealed.
  • Application: kitchen sink, bathroom tub or laundry. This 3.93-inch diameter high-quality silicone drain plug is suitable to fit most basins, sinks, bathtubs, and drains.
  • Product size: Each single Sink Stopper has an own package, 3.93(D) * 1.26(H) in. The hole size should not wider than 1.49in. Does not apply to a hole that has a buckle.
  • How It Works: Press the center of the button, the edge will fold up and allow water to pass through and catch clogging items. Press the edge, it can close the valve to fill your tub with water.
  • Easy to clean: it is deodorant, easy to clean and move. You can wash bathtub drain stopper easily by warm water or soap.


  • Product net weight: 2.12 ounces per drain stopper. 
  • Product size: 3.93(D) * 1.26(H) in per drain stopper. 
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