Menstrual Pant
Menstrual Pant
Menstrual Pant
Menstrual Pant
Menstrual Pant
Menstrual Pant
Menstrual Pant
Menstrual Pant
Menstrual Pant
Menstrual Pant

Menstrual Pant

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The Leak-proof, Antimicrobial and Absorbent Menstrual Pant



It is very common that girls have period every month a week. A period happen because of changes in hormones in the body. When menstruation start, they need to use pad to attach to the underwear so that it can absorb all the blood. Beside that, some others will use tampons as pad. If we forget to bring pads or tampons when going out, it will be a big trouble from us. 



So with this Menstrual Pant, it is a replacement for pads and tampons. This menstrual pant is made of four layers of technical fabric designed to provide protection against blood all day and night. It's Leak-proof, Antimicrobial and Adsorbent enough to hold large amount of fluid. These reusable period panties are safe and hygienic.

In additional, this Menstrual Pant come in several different style and color options. In fact, it's made out of soft and comfortable fabric for any sensitive skin. It's comfortable because consist of breathable material. Furthermore, it is easy to wash by hand or machine. This anti-period underwear will not stain our pant for real. This pant was perfect for heavy period and travelling.




  • Strongly absorb fluid: The absorbent layer absorbs at least 4 tampons worth of moisture – up to 200 times its own weight.
  • Anti-microbial material: The anti-microbial layers helps to prevent bacteria building up on our sensitive parts and also take away any unpleasant odors.
  •  Leak-proof: It has leak-proof barrier that prevent fluid passing through panties.
  • Breathable material: It will perfectly fit by providing space for air to pass through. We will feel very comfortable to wear it all day long.
  • Easy to wash: It can simply wash it by hand or machine without any bleach or softener. 




  • Item type: Period underwear
  • Material: Cotton
  • Feature: Strong absorption
  •  Color: Black, Beige, Grey, Blue, and Pink
  • Size: M, L, XL
1.6-1.9 Feet
1.9-2.2 Feet
2.2-2.4 Feet
Hip Circumference
78-90 cm
90-95 cm
95-105 cm
40-50 kg
48-58 kg
58-68 kg

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