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Magnetic Toolkit Wristband Pouch

Magnetic Toolkit Wristband Pouch

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Holds Nails, Screws & Tools On Your Wrist!

The solution to dropping and losing all your nuts and bolts. Every handyman should have this is their toolkit.

Take all your screws with you to high places without having to carry a massive toolbox, just take what you need to get the job done!

Lightweight design and breathable material make this magnet wrist screw holder perfect for you!

Make Your Life More Easier:

 ♥ Never be frustrating to find tools when you want to repair something. ♥ 

 ♥ Don't have to go back and forth to your toolbox to get all the right tools. ♥ 

 ♥ Stop running through the whole room to get the tools you need. ♥ 

 ♥ No lossing any small items while working. ♥ 

 ♥ Save time and effort & finish your DIY projects in no time. ♥ 

It can be adjusted to fit any wrist, unisex design that will suit both men and women.

Perfect for a construction project, a DIY home improvement job, or a simple fix-it project around the house. 


POWERFUL MAGNETIC FORCE - Magnetic Wristband embedded with 15 super strong neodymium magnets,this magnet wristband can hold more necessary strong magnetic tools and make sure that small tools won't fall off.

EFFICIENCY - Magnetic wristband for holding screws, small tools, screws, nails, bits, bobby pins, bolts, washers, pins, fasteners and much more.

ADJUSTABLE WRISTBAND - Top of the line velcro wrist strap with exquisite sewing, a soft padded mesh on backside ensures the free flow of air. One strong magnetic wristband strap fits for everyone.

TIME SAVER - Whether you've been tasked with an important construction project, a DIY home improvement job, or a simple fix-it project around the house, it is the perfect third helping hand to complement your hard working style.

PERFECT GIFT - DIY'rs, Car & Motorcycle Enthusiasts, electricians, roofers, contruction workers, and much more will benefit from this product.Especially if they make work easier and more fun!


Material: Nylon Magnet

Color: Red

Size: 33*8.8*0.3 cm/12.99*3.46*0.12"

Weight: 55g

Package Include:

1 x Magnetic Toolkit Wristband Pouch 

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