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Magnetic Duo Window Cleaner

Magnetic Duo Window Cleaner

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The subject of window cleaning leaves many feeling rather antsy. A sound intellect has resulted in one antsy maverick's solution to a pressing problem, Magnetic Duo Window Cleaner!

Whatever the window or mirror cleaning requirement there is, finish it within a quarter of the time within one swift wiping action leaving your glass looking spotless and streakless.


  • Clean your windows in half the time
  • Wash and dry both sides of the windows at the same time
  • Clean hard to reach places easily
  • Can be used for sliding doors, windows, vehicle windows, high rise apartment’s window, shower screens, mirrors, any glass surfaces and others
  • Magnetic function is suitable for glass 3-8mm
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 5-12MM
  • Material: Strengthened ABS, Neodymium Magnet
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