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Magic Embroidery Pen

Magic Embroidery Pen

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Make Your Next Embroidery Piece So Much Simpler Now!

Many people love embroidery as it is such a pretty and delicate art that can transform any textile item with flowers, writing, patterns and so much more! Backstitch, loop, satin stitch and more!

Simply thread the punch needle and by using a punching action you can create intricate designs in minutes! 

You can create standard designs as well as unique 3D designs with the Magic Embroidery Pen! 

You can also embroider on any type of fabric, clothing, tablecloths, napkins, towels, quilts... the possibilities are endless! 



The crafting needle handle is ergonomically designed & makes use of three different needle sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

The non-slip ergo-grip makes it easy to hold & craft beautifully intricate embroidery designs in a fraction of the times as standard embroidery.

The Magic Embroidery Pen comes with two threader sizes:

- The larger one is located at the opposite end of the punch needle.

- The small one is for the needle eye.

Adjustable needle length to suit your embroidery project needs.

Handle Length: about 11.5cm/4.5"

Threader Length: about 20cm/7.8"


Material: Durable ABS plastic material

Color: Blue & White

Function: DIY Embroidery

Needle: 1.3/1.6/2.2mm (Diameter) /3.5cm (Length)

Handle Length: 13cm

Needle Punching is an easy, unique and Beautiful craft that can be applied to almost of clothing.

Create a three - dimensional embroidery design simply by Magic Embroidery Pen. 

How To Use:

1. Penetrate the needle into the fabric.

2. Pull the needle up and move it ahead to next stitch.

3. Repeat the process.

Package Contents:

1x Handle

1x 1.3mm Punch Needle WD-PN-101

1x 1.6mm Punch Needle WD-PN-102

1x 2.2mm Yarn Needle WD-PN-103

2x Needle Threader WD-PN-200

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