Magic Anti-Fog Spray
Magic Anti-Fog Spray
Magic Anti-Fog Spray
Magic Anti-Fog Spray
Magic Anti-Fog Spray

Magic Anti-Fog Spray

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This Magic Anti-Fog Spray. Usage up to 120 times!

Specially formulated solution that keep goggles and eyeglasses clean and fog free. Simply spray on any goggle, mask, or eyeglass lens and wipe clean. It is an empty bottle.

There is a sponge containing curing Anti-Fog Spray in the bottle, and Add water in the bottle when using.


  • This product adopts new curing technology, easy to carry, please mix with 15ml (about 70%) clean water, shake well before use.
  • The bottle is not empty, so the anti-fog liquid is concentrated in the white foam
  • Only need to spray on inside of the glasses, gently wipe off excess foam, the natural air dry can effectively prevent fog.
  • Suitable for swim goggles, diving mask, camera lens, glass, window shield, etc..
  • If it accidentally touches the eyes, please stop using immediately, and rinse it with plenty of clean water then treatment.
  • Our new Anti-Fog agent can use up to 120 times


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 2x9.3cm

How To Use:


Notes: Please do not put under direct sunlight or high-temperature place, and stay away from the places where infants can touch.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Magic Anti-Fog Spray

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