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Adjustable 8-Inch Bionic Grip

Adjustable 8-Inch Bionic Grip

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The Bionic Grip is an open-ended version of the patented, award-winning Bionic Wrench. This hand tool brings together the best features of a pair of pliers and an adjustable wrench. Like the Bionic Wrench, the 8-inch Bionic Grip distributes force around a work surface and automatically grips multiple sizes of nuts and bolts. However, the Bionic Grips open-ended head can go over work difficult or impossible to reach with a closed-headed wrench, including pipes and tubes. It also has four serrated jaw surfaces and a new Interlock mechanism that stays locked while under torque load making it ideal for use on household plumbing or hydraulic and air line fittings.


  • This  is a great gift for beginners, professionals and tool collectors
  • Patented Bionic Grip means it won't strip nuts or bolts making it great to use on any surface
  • Smooth black-oxide finish resists rust, corrosion and chipping so it is highly durable.
  • Simple adjust-ability - just squeeze and turn.
  • Easy to use - no more guessing bolt or pipe sizes.
  • Distributes equal force on the 4 sides.


  • Instantly grips pipes, fasteners and fittings from 1/2" to 13/16".
  • Patent pending auto-interlock system
  • Easy to use-will not strip nuts and bolts; increases your hand's gripping power on the nuts/bolts/pipe or tubing.
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