Liquid Oil Hourglass
Liquid Oil Hourglass
Liquid Oil Hourglass
Liquid Oil Hourglass
Liquid Oil Hourglass

Liquid Oil Hourglass

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Relaxing and incredibly visual, this approximately one-minute timer is a great gift for those who are visually oriented with an hourglass-shaped display. Once the colored drops have all reached the bottom, simply turn the liquid timer over to restart the action. Color choice based on availability.

These Liquid Oil Hourglasses consists of two contrasting color combinations to stimulate the visual senses for both adults and children. Made from Hard Sturdy Plastic through Injection Moulding, with Toxic-Free Mineral Oil and Water, these are built to last!


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  • Floating Liquid Timer Toy! Lasts Approximately 1 Minute! Then flip over and restart.
  • Calming, relaxing And mesmerizing! It's great to have one placed at your work desk so you can just zone out and take a quick break!
  • Fight against anxiety, boredom, no fidgeting while at Home, Work or Travelling!


  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Product Size: 145 * 60 * 40mm
  • Product Weight: 120g


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