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Premium Lazy Mop 2.0 (2-Sided)

Premium Lazy Mop 2.0 (2-Sided)

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BUY NOW & FREE 2 MICRO FIBRE FABRIC  ! ( Limited stock available )

Say bye to broom, dustpan, mop and mop bucket !

The microfiber cloth allows all dirt to be picked up as you mop the floor in dry or wet condition. For cleaning, simply push the brush against the cloth and all dirt will be removed easily. There's no need to dirty your hands or the need of a mop bucket !

  • Eco friendly.
  • Ultimate 360 degree rotation to clean every single corners.
  • Double sided cleaning pad that assist reducing the clean and rinse time.
  • Washable & Reusable.
  • Space saving for all household users !

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