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iPhone Headphone Splitter

iPhone Headphone Splitter

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The microphone working when on a call, including this . Listen to music and charge you iPhone at the same time. Compatible with iPhone 7 and 7 plus. With any converter in the market you will not have.


Bluetooth Pairing

  1. Insert iPhone Headphone Splitter's connector into the iPhone

  2. Turn on iPhone's Bluetooth to search

  3. Click "LA006BT" to pair

  4. Insert earphone, you can enjoy calling, music...

iPhone Headphone Spliiter will pair automatically when re-started



  1. Makes sure your iPhone's Bluetooth is turn on and well connected with this adapter, otherwise, only recharge function work.

  2. The adapter can only connect one iPhone one tiem, if change another iPhone to connect, (both iPhones are closed to), please forget the device of the 1st connected iPhone, otherwise may not search the item.

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