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Horn Travel Coffee Mug

Horn Travel Coffee Mug

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Portable Drinking Horn Coffee Mug Is Good To Go!

Channel your inner Norseman with this epic Horn Travel Coffee Mug!

Its shape inspired by goats, the creatures that helped humans discovered coffee, this modern-day drinking horn is curved to make drinking easier and capped to let you take your java on the road.

Remove the sleeve, flip it upside down, and stand your mug inside the sleeve to keep it upright if you like to sip instead of chug.

Available in two striking colors: I'd say grab one of each!


A special horn-shaped coffee mug holds 16 oz. (470 ml) of your favorite coffee drink.

Comes with a set of 2 straps; long and short part, so carrying your coffee mug around is a blast.

Holder can easily transform into a stand, which easily enables placing the Mug onto a flat surface.

It's BPA FREE and 100% leak proof. No worries about spills and stains.

GOAT Mug is creating an exquisite experience from coffee drinking.


Material: ABS + stainless steel 

Size: 85 * 197mm 

Capacity: 230ml 

Net Weight: 450g 

Packing: Exquisite color box 

Box Regulation: 65 * 55 * 24cm 

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