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Grip Clip Hook Phone Stand Holder

Grip Clip Hook Phone Stand Holder

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Auto hanger shape design is also very simple, one end is a common hook, while the other end "2 legs" inside the use of corrugated design, using the same with the outlet of the black design, caught in the car air conditioning outlet, you can help you put almost all carry a small piece of car.


  • Convenient for install and use
  • This pair of Auto Hanger is universal and can attach to 99% of automobile air vents
  • Use this Air Vent Hanger for certain cell phones, sunglasses, key fobs, headphones, and aux cords
  • Horizontal auto air vent mount cradle holder hanger universal for mobile phone ,GPS ,key,earphones,cables,everyday objects ,etc
  • Auto hanger shape design is very simple,one end is a common hook,while the other end "2 legs"
  • Simply clips onto air vent, easy to mount and release, provides easy accessibility to mounted device
  • You can also use this hanger outside the car! Take them to your desk and use 2 hangers to hold your phone
  • Mini size and it will almost not occupy any space in your car, lightweight and portable.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black, White
  • Size: 6.8*1.4*0.6 cm
  • Hook Mouth Width: 0.9 cm
  • Quantity: 2 Pcs
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