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Foldable Car Safety Child Seat

Foldable Car Safety Child Seat

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The problem: Car seatbelts don’t fit kids because they’re not designed to.

The solution: The foldable booster seat, that’s not only compact enough to cram in a backpack but that also helps kids get buckled better.


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  • Portable for your kids! Stay safe in every car, not only your car!
  • Wear seatbelts the right way for your kids: Rather than raising a kid up so that the seatbelt fits properly at an adult height, the shock-absorbing foam seat locks the seatbelt down at three points to fit the kid. This ensures the shoulder strap rests on the collarbone and off the neck, and the lap belt lies on the hips and not the stomach.
  • Suitable for a wide range of ages: Because it’s designed for children ages 4- to 12-years-old (40 to 100 lbs., 40 to 57 inches), a pretty big range, there are adjustable lap belt guides on the sides that slide into one of three positions. That way the base fits properly and isn’t too big or tight. And so that Junior’s legs don’t hurt where they hang over, the foldable booster seat is also designed so “the child’s weight sinks the entire seat into the vehicle cushion, leveling out the two surfaces and minimizing the edge effect.”
  • Made of superior material: Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, a “super tough plastic polymer”, and has been crash tested to prove it’s safety mettle
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