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Flawless Lactobionic Acid Essence

Flawless Lactobionic Acid Essence

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Many of us will add a microdermabrasion effect to the photos after the selfie to cover up the truth that the pores are enlarged, uneven, and blackheads are greatly reduced.

14 Days Microdermabrasion Challenge


The main ingredient in Flawless Lactobionic Acid Essence is lactobionic acid, which is a third-generation upgrade acid. It is mild and non-irritating. In the stimulating experiment of continuous use for 14 days, the irritation of the product is similar to that of normal saline, which is very friendly to sensitive skin


Lactobionic acid can intelligently recognize aging keratin, gently dredge pores to remove aging cells, and promote the regeneration of glial cells.

In addition, it can also help to promote the growth of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the dermis, and compound β-glucan to increase the skin's moisture content, tighten the pores, and play an exfoliating effect on the smooth and delicate skin.

Remove the makeup for smooth and delicate skin, let the skin breathe freely, and then use the simple and effective solution

Let's start with a bottle of Flawless Lactobionic Acid Essence and witness the skin reappear as smooth and delicate. From now on, you can take a selfie in one step without retouching!



  • ✨ Astringent and fine pores
  • ✨ Soften and remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads
  • ✨ Dredge pores and remove closed acne
  • ✨ Improves skin fineness


  • 💦 Net Content: 15ml
  • 💦 Suitable Skin Type: All skin types
  • 💦 Benefits: Refines pores, eliminates blackheads & acne, balances skin water and oil secretion, makes skin become delicate and silky.
  • 💦 Shelf Life: 3 years (Unopened) / 1 year (Opened)
  • 💦 Formula Type: Stock solution
  • 💦 Note: Sensitive skins need to test the product behind the ear.

Package Includes:

  • 💖 1 x Flawless Lactobionic Acid Essence, or
  • 💖 3 x Flawless Lactobionic Acid Essence, or
  • 💖 5 x Flawless Lactobionic Acid Essence
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