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Fiber Fix Super Tape

Fiber Fix Super Tape

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As strong as steel for a durable and dependable repair!

Fiber Fix Super Tape is the best solution for all your cracks, tears and breaks. It’s 100x stronger than normal duct tape and made with strong woven fibers, protective laminate and tough adhesive. It has excellent performance under any conditions. No one would like to spend their weekends all day in a store, especially when it needs spending hours looking for replacement parts. Use Fiber Fix Super Tape and save your weekends!


  • High temperature resistance, up to 150 Centigrade degree
  • Virtually un-tearable
  • Endurable over 10 kg inner pressure
  • Instant solidified within 10 minutes, useable under water
  • Safety used and non-toxic, comfortable and no smell
  • Waterproof, endurable to most chemical solvent and fuels, and its intensity and humidity rate keeps over 85%
  • Strong adhesive


Simply slip on your gloves, soak Fiber Fix Super Tape in water for 2 minutes, apply to any surface needing repair, and wait for 10 minutes. "Do it yourself" has never been easier or more cost effective!

Size: 18.2 x 7.5 x 5 cm

Length: 127 cm

Package included: 1 x Fiber Fix Super Tape

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