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Ez Egg Cracker

Ez Egg Cracker

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This EZ egg cracker will save you time and effort . With just one easy button you will be able to crack those eggs with perfect results.


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  • Place the egg into the EZ Cracker's cradle so the short the long ends of egg fit through.
  • Hold the unit over bowl or directly over the frying pan and squeeze both handles together to crack the egg. Dispose of the egg shell.
  • Align the notches of the attachment with the notches on the bottom half of the main unit.Insert the egg Separator into the unit.
  • Hold unit over bowl and squeeze both handles together to crack the egg.
  • The Egg Separator will catch the yolk and let the white through. Dispose of the egg shell.
  • Egg cracker/separator quickly opens fresh eggs or hard-boiled eggs
  • Operates with the simple touch of a button; eliminates shell pieces in food
  • Bonus attachment separates egg whites from yolks


  • Made of: Sturdy plastic construction space-saving design for compact storage
  • Measurement: approximately 1-4/5 by 8-1/2 by 3 inches
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