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Electric Automatic Beverage Shaker

Electric Automatic Beverage Shaker

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You know the laziness rule: if you can’t reach it you don’t need it. Who’s going to go look around for a spoon early morning while you’re running late? Who’s going to want to finish making their chocolate milk before the break ends while you’re watching your favorite movie? This is the product just for you! This battery-operated, hand-held cup creates a powerful whirling vortex to create the perfect mix in seconds. Works magic with all syrup or powder-based drinks. All it takes is one button. 


  • Self-stirring mug and ultimate chocolate milk mixer 
  • Creates a powerful whirling vortex to make perfectly mixed milk in seconds 
  • Features a spill-proof design thanks to its snug-fit sip-top lid 
  • Works magic with all syrup or powder-based drinks 


  • Dimensions: 7.75 "x 3" 
  • Capacity diameter : 400ml 
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included) 
  • Nylon whisk
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