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Easy Move Heavy

Easy Move Heavy

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A Great Helper & Handy Tool For Redesign & Rearrange Living Space!

Cleaning your home or the occasional rearranging will be super easy with this Easy Move Heavy equipment!

You don't need to exert effort when cleaning or moving around, or call a friend to assist you! This thing is your home buddy!


This is the perfect equipment especially when you plan on redecorating your home, or when moving.  

This furniture transport system uses the lever tool/concept for lifting heavy objects.

Just slide your furniture to where you want with the mobile furniture cushions provided.

Suitable for use on hardwood floors, laminates, and carpets. This item WILL NOT DAMAGE your floor.

Ideal mobile furniture helps the movement of household items like refrigerators, sofas, beds, desks, cabinets and more!


Material: ABS + high-quality steel

Color: Red

Weight: 1.3 kg

Size: As picture shows

Each moving wheel can be loaded with 200 kg


The product can be loaded with 200 kg, for mobile refrigerators, washing machines, cabinets, etc. can be adapted;

It can be rotated 360 degrees which can be rotated freely.

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