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Doggie Water Fountain Sprinkler

Doggie Water Fountain Sprinkler

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Improve your dog’s cognitive skills and self-reliance with this Doggie Water Fountain Sprinkler. All your dog has to do is step on the pedal to open the water fountain valve – just remember to train your dog to only use it when he’s thirsty.

You always keep a water dish outside for your pet, but the water never seems to stay clean for too long. But with this adorable and clever Doggie Water Fountain Sprinkler set up in your yard, your dogs can stay refreshed with a nice fresh drink of water whenever they want one!


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  • Always a Fresh and Clean Water Whenever Your Dog Wants It.
  • No Stagnant Water.
  • Encourages Drinking.
  • No batteries and electrical cord.
  • Auto Shut-off.
  • Made of Steel and Solid Brass Valve for Durability and Trouble-free Operation.
  • Easily Attaches to Hose or Faucet.
  • Easily Quick Training.


  • Do not put the water fountain near electrical cord and outlet.
  • The product is made of steel and with a coating on it. Normally it won't rust unless using sharp objects scrape the coating off. There might be little rusty around the holes and corners for long time use. It's normal and would not affect the function.
  • Please adjust the fill valve to a suitable position, make sure the fill water pressure at a lower condition. High water pressure would easily lead to rupture of the hose connection. And the high water column may terrify the pet.
  • Please try to keep your dogs from biting the hose.
  • Put it in a shady spot in summer.
  • Be very patient to train your dog to use his new fountain. It's a good time to train it to use the fountain when he is very thirsty.

Package Included:

  •  1* Water Fountain
  •  1* 40" Hose
  •  1* User Manual


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