DIY Face Mask Machine
DIY Face Mask Machine
DIY Face Mask Machine

DIY Face Mask Machine

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About the product:

✔ Natural Fruit & Vegetable Facial Mask Machine: 

No preservatives, no lead, no mercury or other irritating substances. DIY different pure fruit and vegetable face mask contains different vitamin and collagen which keeps your tired skin lively and healthy. Private custom, making masks depend on your skin, making the facial mask by yourself can guarantee the safety and quality of the facial mask to achieve the best effect of skin care, tightening your skin and recover its elastic for your beauty.

✔ Safe Ingredients & Natural Healthy:

Choosing mask ingredients according to your skin condition (the juice of the fruit and vegetable, or milk, honey, red wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers, etc.)

 Multifunctional and Professional Face Mask Skin Care:

The main raw material is natural fruits and vegetables mask fruits and vegetables, etc. In the process producing the mask it does not destroy original molecular structure. Entirely natural mask, with crystal clear, soft, moist and smooth characteristics. Get Beautiful, More Youthful Skin or Your Money Back. Most Easy, economy and convenient way to do a safe make at home. Save both time and money.

✔ Easy To Operate and Clean For The Facial Mask Machine:

One touch operation after pouring pure water and juice, simple and convenient.

✔ Portable and High-end Design: 

Directed towards different kinds of skin problem, the most effective way is to enjoy facial masks with different functions. 

How to use:

Step 1: Place on a flat surface.
Step 2: Pour materials toward the tank.
Step 3: Close the lock catch cover.
Step 4: Plug in power supplies.
Step 5: Turn on the appliance.
Step 6: Wait about 6 minutes. 
Step 7: Pour out them to the mold 
Step 8: Wait for 2 minutes to condense.
Step 9: Use the scraper to get the mask.
Step 10: Put the mask on your face. 




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