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Cracked Glass Repair Kit

Cracked Glass Repair Kit

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Quickly Fix Windscreen And Windows Cracks!

This Cracked Glass Repair Kit allows anyone to remove cracks or windscreen breaks in a safe, simple and inexpensive way.
The kit includes everything you'll need to make a fast, high quality repair. The mono-component filler (included in the package) simplifies the application process: you won't have to mix or heat the ingredients of the sealant, as it's usually done to carry out such repairs.

Because the ingredients match the optical qualities of the glass, the repair will be perfectly invisible.

  • Allows anyone to repair damaged windscreen or windows;
  • Gets rid of cracks quickly;
  • Injection sealant head reinforced; 
  • Only one ingredient (no toxic mixtures);
  • No need to be heated; 
  • Leaves no traces; 
  • Repair complete in 20 minutes

PERFECT TOOL: Professional quality Do-It-Yourself windshield cracks/chips repairs with no mixing required, windshield repair kit can quickly and effectively repair small cracks chips only in 20-30 minutes. Save your time and money to prevents damage from spreading Restores windshield to near new condition. Long-lasting maintenance effect.
WIDELY USE: Car Windshield Repair Kit is designed for most types of outer glass small damaged by double layer laminated windshield glass. The kit works best on small chips, bulls-eye, spider web, star-shaped, Half-moon crescents, crack not more than 12 inches/ 30 cm and round damage not more than one inch in diameter.

EASY TO OPERATE: The method of repairing slight glass cracks is to clean and dry the glass surface before construction and then squeeze the resin into the cracks of the cracks or bullets, then put on the curing strip, then quickly dry and solidify under ultraviolet light 5-10 mins. It is to scrape off the residual resin with a spatula.
ADVANCED FORMULA: Imported repair fluid (this is the key), the shear strength can reach to 20PA, the repair location will not be broken even though glass break. 

Package Included:
1 x repair resin
1 x repair device
1 x curing strips
1 x sleeved razor blade
1 x instruction sheet



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